Enviro News

22 Jul

Hello all

Sorry I havent been in touch for a while – hope all is well where you are!

New Plate System

I thought you’d like to know that we have just upgraded our plate system!  ‘zzzzzzzzzz’ I hear you cry!

We think it’s pretty good news as we are saving 550kwh Electricity, 90 ltrs of harmful waste chemicals and a wopping 8980 litres of water . . . and this  is just a monthly calculation.

The new Agfa plates are still able to hold a 1% 300lpi dot too so quality is, as always, the dog’s doodahs!

Do you use 9 Lives?

A New Enviromental Benefit Statement has just been launched by Arjowiggins Papers and PaperCo.  (I can see the ‘zzzzzzzzz’s’ again!)  It’s a very factual and possibly a more meaningful statement than the various symbols available and you can print onto jobs using any of the 9 Lives range. See below:

We print a fair bit of work on 9 Lives so obviously we will be happy to help with the statement creation should you want to use something like this. It doesnt cost anything and could look really great on Annual Reports etc.

It would be great to get your feed-back on this please – is this something that is important to you/your clients? Please do let me know.


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