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A fantastic trip!

26 Nov

The James Cropper Paper Mill Prize:

A warm welcome . . .

WOW – what a great couple of days!

Our GF Smith draw prize was a brilliant success.

The lucky winners plus Les, 'yours truly', Matt from GF Smith & Stefan from Croppers

Thank you to Matt & Nick from GF Smith for organising this fantastic event. Thanks also to Sophie, BethRóisín, Ed, Dom, Martin and Sheldon for taking two whole days out of the office.

On the 18th November 2010, we took the train from Euston at 9.30, arriving at the mill in Burneside, near Kendall at around 1pm.

Following a nice, very welcome lunch, was a comprehensive tour of the fantastic paper mill. There was an awe inspiring yet nostalgic feeling as we walked through the huge mix of old and new.

First stop – the Lab . . .

Manufacturing . . .

Converting and packing . . .

A really interesting, inspiring and educational tour. By the way, if you have the use of 2 tonnes of paper, you can have your very own, unique shade of Colorplan!

Then – to the hotel overlooking Windermere (gorgeous) and a few beers at the Hole int’ Wall.

The next morning we took a very calm (veeeerrry slightly jaded) boat trip on Lake Windermere. Just beautiful . . .

This trip was absolutely fantastic, everyone agreed and the feedback since has be overwhelmingly positive. I am very sure we will be doing this again so please watch this space.

There are plenty more images than shown here so if you are interested in looking through these please CLICK HERE. If you would like any information on GF Smiths huge range of beautiful papers, please drop me a line.

Thanks again to all who made this possible.








22 Oct

Exciting news!

Our draw has closed and the results are now in . . .

166 draw numbers were allocated in total and 8 have been drawn at random by our GF Smith Representative Matt Ford! (Thank you Matt)

We thank you all for your entries, as expected we had a great response and we are delighted to announce the winners as follows:

The winning companies are as follows:

  • The Potting Shed
  • Float the Boat
  • One Darnley Road
  • Bond & Coyne Associates
  • Deep
  • The English Group
  • Tom Lardner
  • Command D

One member of each company will be invited to accompany us to The James Cropper Paper Mill on 18th &19th November. We will be in contact with the winners very soon.

(If any are unable to make the date, we will be obliged to re-draw their entry)

I hope to post some pics and comment about the trip so if you didnt win, you will still be able to see something interesting here!

Thanks again to all those who entered.

Last Day

15 Oct

Hi there!

Final reminder that the last day to enter our Draw is Monday 18th October.

We can’t accept entries after 5pm I’m afraid so if you are hoping to enter and it’s looking tight, please get in touch and I will try and help get your job in before 5!

Thanks . . . best of luck!