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WE Love Dust!

17 Dec

We are privileged people.

Those cool creative dudes at I Love Dust asked us to produce their iconic showcase book and here it is:

A beautiful A5 portrait piece with die cut slipcase.

We used Colorplan Ebony for the cover and slipcase, and Mohawk Options PC100 for the text.

Printed CMYK throughout, at 225lpi, the book portrays a stunningly vibrant reproduction of the amazing I Love Dust craft.

The cover has a very splendid skull graphic that we foiled in gloss black and metallic gold.

We have very limited samples that we would be pleased to show you, please get in touch if interested . . .

This really is a fantastic design piece – obviously supported by beautiful print.
That’s what we do you know!


Centrefold 5 Launch Party

2 Apr

Centrefold 5 “Vintage”.

“An echo, an influence, from Sgt. Pepper’s to The Pistols.”

We were very pleased to be involved in this 5th issue of fashion and photography magazine Centrefold.

The official launch of this highly regarded publication was just a few days ago . . . of course we went along!

A great launch party indeed. Buzzing with fashion guru’s, designers and marketers, photographers, stylists, models and even some chaps from Dayfold and GF Smith!

This fantastic event, organized by 405 Communications (a highly experienced PR, events and marketing Agency to the fashion industry), was held at the Hoxton Pony on Curtain Road, EC2A. (Thanks to Suzanne and Harriet for these pics btw)

The guys at Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed up Centrefold Champagne cocktails – mmm – nice!

So what is Centrefold and why  were we keen to get involved?

Edition 5 designed by Tom Lardner, Centrefold is a bi-annual publication that showcases collections of fashion photography promoting designer brands, stylists and hair & make up artistry.

We print and produce a lot of work for the fashion trade so it was a great opportunity to be a part of this successful and well known publication. We love getting our teeth into gorgeous printing onto lovely papers too – it’s what we do best you know!

It is an A3 portrait format, 4pp cover, 160gsm and 64pp text 115gsm Accent Glacier White Smooth (a lovely uncoated sheet from GF Smith of course). Gorgeously printed CMYK throughout, this was simply finished as a loose-leaf, unstitched magazine, following the heritage of it’s predecessors.

If you would like to see a copy, please do get in touch.

Back to ya soon with some interesting help with ‘Creep’ . . .


‘High Build’ Spot UV Varnish!

6 Mar

We have all seen spot UV varnish right?   It’s been well done and dusted indeed  – still classically nice if used well but what of HIGH BUILD UV VARNISH?

“What’s that?” I hear you ask . . .

Well, it is extremely similar to conventional Screen printed spot UV (there are other methods but screen printed UV, in my experience gives the best results) but the screens that are used are made much much coarser so therefore more varnish is squeezed  through.

This then makes the UV coating about twice the density/thickness than normal.

This gives a nice tactile result and also really increases the contrast, especially if used like this example. (Design – Bond and Coyne) A nice rich black background (good use of the LBB of course!) with complimentary PMS limey green. Matt laminated, then high spot UV to the rest of the text.

Imagine using this on images of water droplets or bubbles maybe.  It would really bring them to life . . . but hey, I’m not a designer so I am sure you creative people would make much better use of it.

As with normal Spot UV, there are limitations . . .  avoid fine detail and be aware of possible ‘movement’ with tight register work.

If you have any questions or would like to see a sample of High Build Spot UV, then as usual, please get in touch and I’d be happy to help.

ttfn . . .


27 Jan

We are really pleased to have been selected to print the prestigious CENTERFOLD brochure.

It’s a great project to be involved in . . .  its on press NOW!!

1st CENTERFOLD sheet on press . . .

A3 format, CMYK throughout Accent Smooth, from GF Smith

close up of 1st section . . . gorgeous pics

A beautiful piece . . .  more details to follow.

section finished . . .

Beauty is a Beast!!!

7 Jan

Check out this gorgeous Limited Edition Book we produced at the end of last year . . .

Promoting a new Multi Billion Dollar Development of Jawhar just outside Marrakech, this 164pp beauty measures 450x335mm

150gsm Zen (GF Smith) was used for 44 pages, printed with x2 pass black plus 877 silver

The other 120 pages were printed with rich tri-tones producing amazing atmospheric images of Morocco. 170gsm Consort Royal Silk was used here. (Howard Smith Paper)

Hand Case Bound (QAR) using Vendome Mauve Raw Silk and Pink Metallic Foil.

These amazing books were presented to the King of Morocco and other dignataries and investors of the first day of ‘ground breaking’. 

More images available HERE.

If you would like to view the one copy (!!) we have, please get in touch.