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A fantastic trip!

26 Nov

The James Cropper Paper Mill Prize:

A warm welcome . . .

WOW – what a great couple of days!

Our GF Smith draw prize was a brilliant success.

The lucky winners plus Les, 'yours truly', Matt from GF Smith & Stefan from Croppers

Thank you to Matt & Nick from GF Smith for organising this fantastic event. Thanks also to Sophie, BethRóisín, Ed, Dom, Martin and Sheldon for taking two whole days out of the office.

On the 18th November 2010, we took the train from Euston at 9.30, arriving at the mill in Burneside, near Kendall at around 1pm.

Following a nice, very welcome lunch, was a comprehensive tour of the fantastic paper mill. There was an awe inspiring yet nostalgic feeling as we walked through the huge mix of old and new.

First stop – the Lab . . .

Manufacturing . . .

Converting and packing . . .

A really interesting, inspiring and educational tour. By the way, if you have the use of 2 tonnes of paper, you can have your very own, unique shade of Colorplan!

Then – to the hotel overlooking Windermere (gorgeous) and a few beers at the Hole int’ Wall.

The next morning we took a very calm (veeeerrry slightly jaded) boat trip on Lake Windermere. Just beautiful . . .

This trip was absolutely fantastic, everyone agreed and the feedback since has be overwhelmingly positive. I am very sure we will be doing this again so please watch this space.

There are plenty more images than shown here so if you are interested in looking through these please CLICK HERE. If you would like any information on GF Smiths huge range of beautiful papers, please drop me a line.

Thanks again to all who made this possible.







Last week!

11 Oct

Hi There!

Just a quick post to remind you that this is the last week for entries into our  Mill Visit Draw.

I stated in the original post that the closing date was the 16th October but as this is a Sunday, I thought it best add the Monday on as well . . .

Therefore, draw will take place on the 25th October with the lucky winners being announced during the same week.

To date, we have allocated 117 draw numbers . . .

Looking forward to receiving your entries this week.  Any questions please do let me know.


Enviro News

22 Jul

Hello all

Sorry I havent been in touch for a while – hope all is well where you are!

New Plate System

I thought you’d like to know that we have just upgraded our plate system!  ‘zzzzzzzzzz’ I hear you cry!

We think it’s pretty good news as we are saving 550kwh Electricity, 90 ltrs of harmful waste chemicals and a wopping 8980 litres of water . . . and this  is just a monthly calculation.

The new Agfa plates are still able to hold a 1% 300lpi dot too so quality is, as always, the dog’s doodahs!

Do you use 9 Lives?

A New Enviromental Benefit Statement has just been launched by Arjowiggins Papers and PaperCo.  (I can see the ‘zzzzzzzzz’s’ again!)  It’s a very factual and possibly a more meaningful statement than the various symbols available and you can print onto jobs using any of the 9 Lives range. See below:

We print a fair bit of work on 9 Lives so obviously we will be happy to help with the statement creation should you want to use something like this. It doesnt cost anything and could look really great on Annual Reports etc.

It would be great to get your feed-back on this please – is this something that is important to you/your clients? Please do let me know.

Centrefold 5 Launch Party

2 Apr

Centrefold 5 “Vintage”.

“An echo, an influence, from Sgt. Pepper’s to The Pistols.”

We were very pleased to be involved in this 5th issue of fashion and photography magazine Centrefold.

The official launch of this highly regarded publication was just a few days ago . . . of course we went along!

A great launch party indeed. Buzzing with fashion guru’s, designers and marketers, photographers, stylists, models and even some chaps from Dayfold and GF Smith!

This fantastic event, organized by 405 Communications (a highly experienced PR, events and marketing Agency to the fashion industry), was held at the Hoxton Pony on Curtain Road, EC2A. (Thanks to Suzanne and Harriet for these pics btw)

The guys at Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed up Centrefold Champagne cocktails – mmm – nice!

So what is Centrefold and why  were we keen to get involved?

Edition 5 designed by Tom Lardner, Centrefold is a bi-annual publication that showcases collections of fashion photography promoting designer brands, stylists and hair & make up artistry.

We print and produce a lot of work for the fashion trade so it was a great opportunity to be a part of this successful and well known publication. We love getting our teeth into gorgeous printing onto lovely papers too – it’s what we do best you know!

It is an A3 portrait format, 4pp cover, 160gsm and 64pp text 115gsm Accent Glacier White Smooth (a lovely uncoated sheet from GF Smith of course). Gorgeously printed CMYK throughout, this was simply finished as a loose-leaf, unstitched magazine, following the heritage of it’s predecessors.

If you would like to see a copy, please do get in touch.

Back to ya soon with some interesting help with ‘Creep’ . . .


COURSE is fine!!??!!

27 Jan

Fine screen litho is great but a really nice design feature, for the right project,  is to use course screens . . . .

As you are probably aware,  ‘The Way of Dayfold’  (TWoD!!) is printing at much higher screens than the standard (it’s a historical, fine art thang!). This finer screen process gives fantastic results and produces more clarity and detail than the norm . . . got to be a good thing eh??

However, printing with courser screens can also give nice results.

War on Want Annual review front

This is a job that has been printed at 85lpi  YES 85!!!!! its almost like printing with p’taters!!

close up of front cover

The nature of this job really lent itself to printing this way.

As you would expect, it’ printed on an uncoated stock . . . 9 Lives Offset – 100% PCW recycled – PaperCo

inner spread

CMYK throughout. A5 format, 20pp.

pic close up

The use of different screen resolutions could help ‘add’ to a project . . . the shots here don’t show the ‘courseness’  in its best light –  if you would like to see a real copy of this or other course screen projects, or even examples of ‘TWoD’, please let us know. (chris@dayfold.com)  TTFN!!


27 Jan

We are really pleased to have been selected to print the prestigious CENTERFOLD brochure.

It’s a great project to be involved in . . .  its on press NOW!!

1st CENTERFOLD sheet on press . . .

A3 format, CMYK throughout Accent Smooth, from GF Smith

close up of 1st section . . . gorgeous pics

A beautiful piece . . .  more details to follow.

section finished . . .

Take a look at an unusual brochure . . .

18 Dec

Designed and art directed by Tom Lardner

A gorgeous look-book presentation for fashion brand Jesire.

2 collections had to be portrayed in a single document while maintaining a classy and high quality feel.

A5 format. An 8pp Close Gatefolded cover. 350gsm Colorplan Harvest. Copper Foil blocked.

2 x 16pp self-cover text sections CMYK throughout 115gsm Accent Smooth

The text sections were saddle-stitched, trimmed then affixed within the folded covers.

No binding can be seen from the outside.

A lovely piece. 

If you would like to see a copy, please get in touch.